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n1736968176_5673My name is Rachael Flug, I am the mother of three (now all grown up), the inventor of Diaperaps diaper covers, and the Founder of our company.

Back in the day (1976) when I had my first home birth, it was way before home births became popular. I used cloth diapers before there was a green revolution. And I even stopped using teflon pans before it was discovered that this coating was toxic. So I have always been just a little bit ahead of the times and the news. This doesn’t mean that I am always right but I have great instincts and I do a lot of research.

I have always tried to have my work and my values support each other. This is why I started the Diaperaps company. I developed my products out of my personal commitment to healthy, comfortable and environmentally safe products for babies. We decided to expand this past year to Baby’s Organic Nursery. So I have practically driven myself crazy trying to find the very best organic products for a baby’s nursery. I have poured over material product safety sheets and asked detailed questions to the technical staff of organic mattress and crib companies. There was a lot to consider and weigh, in choosing the right products. But I did so with this guiding principle , what would I want to surround my first grandchild ?

All three of my grown children contributed in some way to this project and I couldn’t have done it without their help. And my husband continues to be the Main guy when it comes to customer service, shipping and marketing. I hope that you will check out our website and let me know what you think.

Rachael Flug

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  1. Seventh Generation and millions of babies are crawling to Washington to demand a law that will regulate toxic chemicals found in household products.

    Check it out: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/million-baby-crawl/

    I would love if you could share this wonderful cause with your readers. At very least, check out the website and create a crawler to promote the cause. It’s completely free and helps in supporting a great cause. The fact of the matter is that very little research has been done to uncover the possible effects that household cleaning agents can have on children and pregnant women, and this bill aims to correct that.

    Here are some fun videos about the cause:



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